Birding Norway?

If you`re a passionate photographer or a dedicated birdwatcher this is the site for you. We`ll help you find and photograph Norway`s most exclusive birds!

Northern Birding offers pre-arranged bird watching- and photo tours or custom made bird watching trips for you or your group.

main birding area in the middle of Norway, just a few miles north of Trondheim and west of Åre in Sweden, offers a mosaic of habitats from outer coast to high alpine terrains. Huge mud flats along the Trondheim fjord attract thousands of northern migrants such as divers, grebes, swans, geese, ducks, raptors, waders and gulls as well as boreal and scandinavian birds as owls, woodpeckers, grouses and raptors commonly breed in the forests at higher altitudes. Our guides have birded this area for a whole lifetime, and can help you find  the species you want.

We also offer photo hides for our most exclusive species such as slavonian grebe, pink-footed goose, eider, goshawk, golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, capercaille, black grouse, hazel grouse, great snipe, red-necked phalarope, siberian jay, crested tit, bullfinch, etc. Check out our phototours for all the possibilities.